The best global MBA 2017 according to the Financial Times ranking

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Two Spanish business schools manage to be among the top 10 worldwide with their global MBA program.

Nsead, the French business school, has the best global MBA in the world, according to the ranking prepared by the Financial Times. This type of program forms the students in the development of competencies and management skills, which will serve them to work in companies with a high component of internationalization and innovation.

The global MBA of the French business school is the most international in the world, both for the different origins of its students and professors, and for the mobility of its graduates. According to one of his students from Switzerland, “INSEAD promoted our intercultural experience.” It’s the best place to learn a global culture, he says.

Second is the Stanford Graduate School of Business Program, which ascends from the fifth to the second place in this edition of 2017. The third place is occupied by the Wharton Business School, followed by Harvard Business School and Cambridge Judge Business School.

The global MBA offered by the Spanish IE Business School manages to position itself in the eighth place worldwide, rising four positions with respect to the previous ranking. In turn, Iese Business School also manages to ascend six positions, closing the world’s top ten.

To develop the ranking, Financial Times has been based on surveys of business schools and their graduates in 2013. To evaluate the MBA have used as indicators the progress of the professional career of students and the diversity of students and teachers, among others.

The ranking of the top 10 positions is as follows:

1. INSEAD (France)

2. Stanford Graduate School of Business (USA)
3. Wharton Business School (USA)
4. Harvard Business School (USA)
5. Cambridge Judge Business School (United Kingdom)
6. London Business School (United Kingdom)
7. Columbia Business School (USA)
8. IE Business School (Spain)
9. Business School Booth (USA)
10. Iese Business School (Spain)

Top 10 MBA programs in the United States where graduates have more jobs

The latest MBA rankings from US News & World Report indicate which are the top 10 MBA programs in the United States where graduates have more jobs.
The list is headed by the Fox Business School at Temple University. The Philadelphia-based institution reported that 100% of its 2016 MBA class graduated in three months of graduation. The success of Fox School is to have placed more than a quarter of its MBA graduates in accounting and finance
In addition to the Fox school there are others who had great success were the foster business School of the University of Washington and the business School at the Stevens Institute of Technology in New Jersey with high degrees of graduates who landed a job with an effectiveness of 98% and 97% respectively within three months of graduation.
The U.S. News list was based on job placement data provided by 131 classified MBA programs. On average, 88.3% of these schools ‘ full-time MBAs found work within that time.
The findings showed that some of the programs reporting the highest percentage of collocations were not necessarily near the top of the general classification of the U.S. School of news business. The Wharton Business School of the University of Pennsylvania came in tenth place in the placement listings, while the rankings of the general business School.
Public and private business schools comprise the top ten percentages of MBA placement.
The lowest placement percentage left Bowling Green State University in Ohio. Only 25% of the university’s MBAs found work within three months of graduation.
The top 10 MBA programs of US News & World Report for job placement:






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